Lose the attitude

Whether you're a fresh employee in a firm or in a small project, wanting to be perceived as significant comes naturally.

You'll attempt this by mentioning the myriad of projects you've been through or your accomplishments, or any other 148 possible ways. But I can assure you that in most cases, the outcome is that you'll come off as arrogant. So what's the right way?

One way I discovered it works well is to have the eagerness to take responsibility with humility. Keep a neutral, ego-less collaboration, and you'll most probably bring more value to a project than any other MVP.

Why is it better to be neutral instead of trying to be the superstar that causes a ripple every time it moves? First, it's an attainable goal as the pressure on you is lighter. Second, your impact may be neutral, but you'll also have the chance to observe and learn from your colleagues.

Losing the superstar image and aiming to be neutral should be everyone's goal, from entry levels to seniors and so forth. Starting any new chapter with this perspective leads to great collaboration, sustaining the notion that no task is below your level.

There are probably many books and articles on this topic. Still, I'll leave you only with these three suggestions that I appreciated: